a new harness for Pippi

Pippi got her new harness. The last one seemed to be to small, especially when Pippi was wearing a jacket I could hardly make it fit. It was a strap harness with narrow straps. Now the harness is bigger and wider; this type of harness is called a wrap/vest harness. It seems it is more gentle on her hair, overall it also gives better control. The harness also has some high visibility material. I ordered it online, therefore the price was lower than in the shopping center. When ordering online it is very important to check the measurements, it is not enough to type ''a harness for a Yorkie'', as Yorkies come in different sizes ;-) In my opinion Pippi feels much more comfortable in it. Well fitting harnesses made from durable material helps to prevent health conditions that can affect Yorkies quality of life. It is worthy to spend some more time choosing it.