Preventing weight gain in Yorkies

Yorkies, just like other animals and humans, tend to gain weight if they exceed the recommended daily calorie intake and do not move enough. In general, Yorkies are very active dogs, but some Yorkies are more energetic than others, due to individual features of character and age. ''High-energy dogs will require more calories than low-energy dogs. According to the National Research Council, inactive dogs of this size require 150 calories of food daily, while active Yorkies need closer to 200 calories.'' (source Yorkies diet should be balanced, include meat- based protein, veggies and fruits. Puppies require 3 to 4 meals daily, and an adult dog should eat twice daily. Once you notice that your Yorkie gained too much weight, certain measures are needed to be taken. Being overweight, may cause low mood and result in serious health conditions. Some tips for weightloss:
  • don't share your food with Yorkie when eating your meal
  • introduce smaller portions
  • decrease number of treats between the meals
  • do not feed your Yorkie with left-overs from your table
  • add more veggies
  • cook rice, but exclude spices and salt
  • choose carefully dry food opting for high-quality dry food -it will pay off
  • walk more
  • take your Yorkie to a park
Our Yorkie gained too much weight, she had less movement in winter time and her portions were slightly too big. We are hoping she will lose some weight soon. Keep your fingers crossed:-)