Four common health problems in Yorkies

Yorkshire Terrier dogs may be prone to certain health issues. Even in case of ethical and properly-designed breeding programme some genetic problems may occur - genes resposible for a disease may skip several generations. Most Yorkies stay perfectly healthy, yet it is good to be aware of those canine health problems, to be able to notice the symptoms early. Yorkies have their vulnerabilities, but you can treat them successfully.
  • collapsing trachea
  • ''Tracheal Collapse is a narrowing or collapsing of the trachea (windpipe) . This can happen because the cartilage rings which hold the trachea soften due to genetic weakness.''Yorkie Health Problems This can also happen when you use a collar and a leash, instead of a harnesss. The Symptoms include:
    • noisy breathing
    • gagging sounds
    • trouble breathing
    • coughing (mild to severe)
    To treat this health issue you should remove any irritants like air freshener and smoking cigarettes. You should avoid cold temperatures. Never use a collar and take care of your Yorkie's diet, so that it doesn't become overweight or obese. In more serious cases a medication will be prescribed or even a surgery can be performed.
  • hypoglycemia
  • Yorkies are at risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It can be triggered by irregular meal times, stress, strenuous activity, or digestive track problems. If you notice your Yorkie is confused or disoriented, shivering or staggering and drowsy, go immediately to the vet.
  • retinal dysplasia
  • ''Retinal Dysplasia is an irregularity of the retina of the dog’s eyes. The retina is a thin layer of tissue which cover the back of the dog’s eyeball, this is where the sense of vision occurs. When there is this irregularity, the tissue is affected which then in turn will cause vision problems. In some cases, blindness will occur.''Yorkie Health Problems In mild cases, you may not see any signs and the dog will not have a problem that interfere with daily activities. In moderate to severe cases, this affects the dog’s vision. You may notice that the dog bumps into objects, seems confused and/ or stumbles when walking up stairs or navigating around objects. There is a certain eye exam created by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation and a certified ophthalmologist (CERF) will perform the test. The mild form may improve over time on its own as the dog matures. If it is more severe, dogs do very well at adjusting to a partial or full loss of vision (due to incredible sense of smell an hearing). If your dog has vision problem then you can help him by: always taking the same route when going for walks, keep dog food, water, toys and in the same place, introduce any changes gradually.
  • tooth decay
  • Some Yorkies are prone to tooth decay, because they have a small jaw. As a result plaque can build up easily. You need to be sure to feed your Yorkie some dry food, give it dental treats and larger bones to make sure their teeth are cleaned.
Those are just some of the health issues present in Yorkies, but they are not only restricted to Yorkies. All dogs may have health problems, but if you observe your dog carefully and spot the symptoms early you can cure it.