Helping Yorkies (and other dogs)

Check out the page of Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Ireland - a Non-profit Organisation helping Yorkies. If you live in Ireland you may consider adopting a Yorkie instead of buying a puppy from a person breeding them. Please check this page, it is regularly updated, I am following them on facebook: YorkshireTerrierRescueIreland and I really think they are doing a good job!

If you live in another country, google search any non-profit organisations helping Yorkies. If you hesitate about this, there are many ways in which you can help animals. If you are unable to adopt, you can ask them what kind of help do they need. Sometimes they need people walking the dogs, helping with administrative stuff like paperwork or with some physical job like cleaning. Often, they also need some dog food, blankets, leashes, dog collars etc. If you are unable to provide any of those, you can also send them simply money.Just ask them about this and they will give you information. I found the page of a Polish non-profit organisation and sent them some dog clothes. You can visit their page by clicking on the link below. Feel free to send them sweaters and jackets for dogs as winters in Poland are really cold and they need clothes for dogs.

Below pictures of cute little fellas wearing sweaters from Pippi (my Yorkie):

I believe that each person can contribute to helping dogs (an other animals) and make this world a better place to live

Streszczenie postu po Polsku: Istnieje wiele form pomocy zwierzakom - świetną pracę wykonuje YorkshireTerrierRescueIreland w Irlandii. Oni zajmują się adopcją i opieką nad Yorkami. Istnieje oczywiście wiele organizacji Non-Profit także w Polsce. Odwiedzając stronę

można sprawdzić czego psy pod opieką tej fundacji aktualnie potrzebują. Nie mając możliwości adopcji, można zdecydować się na inną formę pomocy, taką jak przesłanie ubranek, kocyków lub karmy.