Happy Pippi on a walk - new hairstyle

It has been a busy time for me recently, as I was travelling a lot, I went to Italy and Belgium for example. I needed also to learn at home Italian and German language. I hope that this week I will have more free time and I will be able to publish all the recent pictures of my cute Yorkie Pippi. The photos, which I publish below, were taken by my father, who is also interested in photography. Pippi has been to hairdresser and she looks much better now with a new hairstyle. Her hair on stomach are longer and this creates an optical illusion - her belly seems to be smaller :-) Of course we are paying much attantion not to overfeed her and to make her as active as possible everyday single day. Nonetheless, she has gained some weight. Maybe because autumn is coming? Below I post pictures of Pippi on a walk. She enjoys time spent outdoors a lot. She loos very happy and weather is still good and great for a nice walk and relax :-)