Yorkie and hot weather

It has been a while since my last post, but I have moved to Ireland and it has been a really busy period of time. I see that even though I haven't posted anything for more than one year, I have new blog views everyday. This is great, thanks! I decided to reactivate my blog. Now I spend the most of my time in Ireland and I go to Poland as often as possibe. Yorkshire Terriers are really popular dogs here in Ireland. Maybe I can ask some people and take pictures of their dogs here :-) Most of the time in summer, temperature in Ireland is around 17-18 Celsius degrees. For me it is quite cold for a summer, but I have already got used to it. However, it can be very hot in Poland in August. It was very hot at the beginning of August - more than 30 degrees - even 36 Celsius degrees.
Dogs need of course special care to ensure they enjoy the warm weather safely. Any area of the skin with a thin covering of hair can be prone to sunburn. Dogs can get sunburn on their nose and if the skin is broken there is an increased risk. Those with white hair, short hair breeds or recently groomed dogs are more prone to sunburn. Alternatively, keep your dog indoors when the sun is at its hottest. You can also put high factor sunscreen lotion, on your dog's ears to protect them against serious sun damage. It is obviously important to provide your dog with plenty of fresh, drinking water. Keep a close watch on your dog's weight. Some dogs may be spending more time exercising outdoors and so may need more food, but if the weather becomes very warm, inactivity may decrease the amount they need to eat. - here you find more information how to keep your dog cool in hot weather We enjoyed a calm walk in the nearby forest with Pippi. As it was place in shade, she felt great there!
and here is Pippi with her new friend - a kitten Lucy :-) she is cute, isn't she?