Safe snacks - can dogs eat cabbage ...?

Pippi loves eating cabbage, she looks like a small rabbit chewing on it. I was just wonddering if it is safe and healthy for her. I mean, it is healthy for people to eat cabbage because of antioxidants and lots of vitamin C and vitamin K. It is low in calories and contains lots of nutrients. They prevent nerve damage, boosting your defense against Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Red cabbage is the most beneficial. The natural red pigments of red cabbage, called betalains help to lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin production. Red cabbage has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Sounds great! So what about dogs ... Is it healthy also for them? Yes! And many dogs simply love it. Dog's ancestor, the wolf, is a carnivore, but domestication has turned dogs into omnivores. Cabbage aids their digeestive system and prevents cancer. You should give small amounts of it to your dog, the best cannage is off course raw cabbage or steam cooked. Otherwise, it is not as rich in nutrients. If you give too much cabbage to your dog it can cause gas. Raw cabbage is perfectly fine in smaller quantities but it contains a natural compound thiocyanate suppresseing the thyroid gland. So if you want to feed your dog with large quantities of cabbage cook it (steam pot is the beest.
Dogs can digest meat as well as grains, fruits and vegetables. While there isn't anything wrong with feeding your dog small amounts of safe vegetables and fruits, be sure they're not more than a third of the dog's daily consumption of food.
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