Pippi... some new and older pics

I really love photography. I have Olympus E-420, a small and quite easy to use digital SLR. I also use Samsung compact camera, which is handy when I have a small handbag and I travel. Of course Olympus gives better quality of the pics, but you can also achieve good effects with a compact camera. I have quite many pictures of Pippi. It is very difficult to take a good picture of a dog (or other pets). They are moving quickly and you need to be really fast to catch the moment. Below a summer pic of Pippi - you can see she enjoys green grass a lot
here she is with a bit longer hair - she looks a bit tired cause it was really hot on that day!
here a bit older pics:
and photos showing Pippi after a visit to a hairdresser:
and a pic of Pippi wearing a winter cap
do you also enjoy taking pictures of your dogs?