Coloring Yorkie's hair

I have been used to people dying fur of poodle, but I have never thought that somebody may actually dye hair of a Yorkie. The natural coloring of a Yorkie is very interesting. Yorkies are born black with tan areas: on the muzzle, on the legs, the ears, and the underside of the tail. As a Yorkshire terrier transitions from a puppy to an adult, the coat changes its color. As an adult, there are 4 categories of colors, these colorings are:
  • black and tan
  • black and gold
  • blue and gold
  • blue and tan
However, some people want to change the color of a Yorkie for fun :-) Some popular dog colors are:
  • Pink dog fur for Valentines Day
  • Green dog fur for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Red & green dog fur for Christmas
  • Red/white/blue dog fur for an election year or 4th of July in US
  • Colorful circles on dog fur for the Olympics
  • Colorful circles on dog fur for the Olympics
The important thing to know is that human hair dye should never be used on dogs as it is toxic. The safest way to do this is to use organic fur dyes for dogs that contain only natural ingredients. here is a short tutorial showing how to do this properly: and some pictures illustrating end results:
and a colored poodle: