Pippi on a snowy day in a new winter jacket

Hi, below I post pics of my dog/ Pippi the Yorkie :-) in a new winter jacket. I have noticed that there is no perfect winter jacket for my dog on the market! This one would be perfect but my dog really dislikies hoodes! I also think a stomach area should be more protected and covered. Maybe one day I will design a good coat for my dog. I was thinking about drawing a project and going with it to a tailor. The winter jacket of my dog is black with blue parts and a nice silver-colour belt. On winter days like this I am careful with Pippi's paws. I mean she does not have shoes yet, but I do not walk with her for too long time, and I pay attention in the street to a snow melted with salt. This is terrible but this is how my city deals with snow in the pavement - by putting a lot of salt (personally I think sand is better - it does not destroys shoes and most importantly delicate animals' paws!) Recently I was a bit quiet because of my difficult accounting exam. Now I will have more time available. Ok so here are the pics: