Royal Canine for Adult Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkies' Poops :-D

Hi, as I have mentioned before my dog is not keen too much on dry dog food. She prefers cooked meals, so I cook for her, for example today I cooked livers and served them with some pasta. Ok but some days ago I gave my dog something which caused diarrhoea :-( Yes, it is not a nice condition, epecially when your dog wakes you up at night and the next day you have to go to work. So I have decided to see what can bed done to make her poop more healthy looking :-) Here is an article about How Dog Poop Shows Signs of Health Problems As for diarrhea:
Q: My dog has had diarrhea for a few days, is this normal? A: Diarrhea is quite common among dogs and can vary from stool that is merely soft to watery stools. Often times this is simply a result of her eating something that did not agree with her. Dogs can be quite the scavengers. They could have eaten a foreign food item or leaves and in some cases, even rocks! When diarrhea is the result it is simply their body purging their system of toxins and is completely normal. In these cases you should cut your dog’s food intake in half and administer a probiotic vitamin until the condition clears up. There are some cases; however, that require Veterinary care. When diarrhea is accompanied by lethargy, bloating or abdominal pain, persistent vomiting or blood in the stool it is best to seek medical care.
Ok, so I believe that Royal Canine together with bones helped to make poops of Pippi firm :-D
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