I groomed my dogs' ears alone :-) it is not that difficult!

Ok, I am not telling that it is perfect. In fact I am a prefectionist but this is my first time and I did not have professional equipment. As you know, since some time I have had problems with mats. It has been partially solved till now, but still not all mats are gone. I use my fingers to detangle them, but some of them need to be cut out carefully. I was very cautious not to hurt her and precise. And a thought appeared in my head - that if I am able to cut her tangled hair so easily maybe I can give it a try with ears? And yes, it was not as difficult as I had thought it could be. Now I think that I will buy professional scissors and learn about differnt hairstyles:-) I must admit I had much fun with it and, most importantly, my dog was very calm in the process! It took me about 30 minutes and later I was just cutting little hair on the sides of the ears correcting my work. In the photos you can see still some small hair which I later also removed :-) Explore more how to trim Yorkshire Terrier's face: http://yorkshireterrierkingdom.com/how-to-trim-a-yorkshire-terriers-face