How to clean a Yorkie ears

Because of Yorkie's constant hair growth you need to pay close attention to your pet's ears. I have already written about the proper way of trimming and grooming Yorkies ears, but today I would like to focus on cleaning.
  • inspect your Yorkie's ears once a week
  • remove hair from the inside of a Yorkie's ears
  • For this purpose you can use tweezers, but do not put them too far inside of the ear and be carefull
  • Do use an ear cleaner that is made for a dog's ears
  • For hygienic reasons clean your Yorkies ears in a bathroom
  • Do not get water in your Yorkie's ears when bathing
E-How provides us with a step-by-step instruction on how to clean your Yorkies ears. You will need:
  • Tweezers
  • Cotton swabs
  • Cotton balls
Instructions 1 Look at the ears to locate signs of infection. A brown or red discharge or a strange odor coming from the ears can indicate an infection. Stop grooming the ears and contact a veterinarian immediately. 2 Pluck loose hair from the inside of the ears with tweezers. Remove loose hairs or hairs that have matted inside the ears. Smooth the hair out with a comb or your fingers. 3 Dampen a cotton swab with water. Wipe the inside of the ear with the cotton swab and exchange it for a new one when it becomes dirty. Clean the ear leather, but avoid pushing the cotton swab inside the ear canal. Wipe the crevices and small areas of the ear. 4 Soak a cotton ball with an ear-wash formula. Squeeze out any excess ear-wash formula. Insert the cotton ball inside the dog's ear. Rub gently to remove dirt. 5 Let the dog shake off the excess moisture. This will help prevent ear infections. Read more:
Seems not so difficult :-) Remember to take care of Yorkie's ears regularly!