Princess Louise with ... a Yorkie ??

Today while reading some articles I come across a photo of what looks like a Yorkshire Terrier with a princess, or rather I should tell a princess with a Yorkie ;-) hah Who is the Princess in the pictures? The Princess Louise born Louise Caroline Alberta, also known as Marchioness of Lorne and Duchess of Argyll by marriage; 18 March 1848 – 3 December 1939) was a member of the British Royal Family, the sixth child and fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and her husband, Albert, Prince Consort. Yorkies were good companions for Royalty as we can see in the pictures :-) But how did the get there? Daily Puppy
Originally developed in the north of England in the late 19th century for the purpose of killing rats in the coal pits and cotton mills, the Yorkie caught the eye of the wealthy ladies of Yorkshire shortly thereafter, and it was love at first sight.
I think this Yorkie in the old photos looks great:-) Maybe this is Pippi's ancestor:-)


  1. they are adorable! :*


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