Are Yorkshire Terriers good with children?

If you have a small child or small children and you have already decided to get a Yorkie you should teach them how they should interact with this dog. Yorkies, even though they are small and cute, are not good "toys" for your offsprings. This is because of their temperamentDaily Puppy:
Yorkies don't have the sweetest temperaments, made evident when they feel threatened. Besides defensive nipping when scared, a Yorkie might even start offensive nipping when rambunctious kids approach. Yorkies are terriers, which means their frou-frou appearance belies a tough little dog. They aren't afraid to take on bigger dogs when out for walks or at the dog park, and annoying kids can fall into that same category.
This is all true, my dog barks and growls at children. Sometimes children approach us, to stroke her, still, she opposes it and doesn't feel like having fun with kids!
(if) you have small children. Kids who haven't yet learned to be gentle with animals or who like rough-housing with the family pet are also problematic. Yorkies love chasing games, but rough-and-tumble play is out.
Still, you can teach your kids how to handle with Yorkshire Terrier breed, and train your dog not to be aggressiv. Of course, temperament of your dog cannot be changed, but as Yorkies are also very lively and sociable they can make a great companions for children, who are more delicate with them. Since, it is hard to teach small children to be delicate, Yorkies get along with older children much better!
While Yorkies aren't suitable for families with young children, older kids are another story. Once children are old enough to understand how to approach and handle a small dog, they can bond with a Yorkie. Since Yorkies are often quite playful, they can make good companions for older kids who know better than to roughhouse with a tiny canine. Yorkies require extensive grooming, which offers one way for kids to learn to care for these dogs.
To sum up, if you have a small child either consider teachig your child to treat your Yorkie properly, or decide for another breed (or optionally wait until your child is older - 10 years old).
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