Are Yorkshire Terriers couch potatoes? :-)

My dog enjoys to cover herself under a blanket with her head on a pillow, like in the photos below. Sometimes she is a bit lazy, and while she likes to move a lot, sometimes she prefers to stay like this at home, instead of going out. Are Yorkies couch potatoes? Top Ten Couch-Potato Dogs
Although most toy breeds are lively and upbeat, and run rather than walk, they all snuggle in quickly when it's couch or bed time. Perhaps the most popular toy breed is the Yorkshire terrier. Small enough that a whole pack doesn't take up much space, there's nothing quite like cuddling up on the couch with these sweet, little critters. (...) They are spirited, playful and inquisitive, but when they get down to the business of lounging, the Yorkie is among the most accomplished of the couch potatoes, and a superb choice for stay-at-homes and adults with less-active lifestyles.
Yes, I definitely agree with this quote! My Yorkie is just like this! Just look at the pics!!