daily errands and daily walks with a Yorkie :-)

When reading texts about Yorkies on the internet I have come across this article: http://www.netplaces.com/yorkshire-terrier/socialization/getting-out-and-about.htm I had another dog before Pippi and it was sometimes a bit easier to walk around with him - because of his size there were less potential threats to him. With Pippi I am always very careful abou dangers such as:
  • children
  • bigger dogs
  • people who are in a hurry and crowds
  • cars passing by
  • bicyclists passing by
  • joggers
  • etc.
With a small dog it is probable that some people will noy see it and stamp on your pet undeliberately. If you need some tips on how to get about with your Yorkie check out this article, which has many useful tips! Below I post a quote:-) Yes, and tomorrow is Saturday!! Yay! I will take some new photos for sure and share them with you! I hope for good weather!
Always keep one eye open for potential hazards or problems. Ask other dog owners if their dogs are good with small dogs before you approach. Don't let them just barrel up to you, either. Insist that children ask permission before they run up to pet your dog. If you decide they can pet your Yorkie, instruct them to crouch down and gently extend their hand for your dog to sniff, then to scratch the chest or under the chin rather than patting on top of the head. Don't hesitate to tell them to stop if you think they're being too rough or you see that your Yorkie isn't enjoying it.