Yorkomania Photos

On Sunday 29.09.2013 there was a meeting at the shopping centre Galeria Krakowska. Today I would like to share some photos. In the photographs below you can see a woman, who explained how to show Yorkies at dogshows, some awards prepared for the Yorkies, who won in competitions for the cutest puppy, the most beautiful male and female dog and for the smartest Yorkie. It was possible to consult a dog psychologist (a bahaviourist), a vet, to microchip a Yorkie for free (I had my dog my microchipped!), to consult dog adoption centre and to buy some Yorkie accessories and clothes. At the meeting there were many Yorkies in nice and sometimes funny outfits. They were all well-groomed and fabolous. I hope that till the next year my Yorkie's coat will also look so beautiful! She has a short coat, and she is now in the transition period between short and long coat, still she caught the attention of many people, and some Japanese tourists started to take photos of her. Now, I would like to great them I bought a warm fleece jacket khaki and orange colour, Pippi likes it a lot. She was also happy to meet many other dogs, but I must admit that the shopping centre lights, slippery surface on the floor, loud speakers, many shops, people passing by and going in all directions ... this all made my dog a bit timid and shy, even though normally she is a very sociable dog. She would rather meet all those Yorkies in natural environment and play with them in a field of grass. I like the idea of showing dogs on dogshows; however, I am not really sure if personally I would like to do this in future.