Why do dogs bark

My dog barks a lot, she barks during the day and at night, when we are at home and when we are outside, when she is scared and nervous but also when she is happy and excited (e.g. welcoming a guest). When it comes to barking at people, she apparently doesn't like people on bicycles, joggers, drunkards - generally speaking people who seem strange to her for some reason. She expresses herslef in a loud manner - but not too loud, as she is small. Why do dogs actually bark?
Dogs bark for many reasons. They bark when they are angry or too excited. They bark when they are anxious or scared. And they bark when someone tries to go through his territory. In addition to these, dogs bark when insisting for territorial control, hearing unnecessary noises or alarms, greeting or seeking for attention, showing anger or aggression, and feeling ill or in great pain. Unfortunately, there’s no way you can stop dogs from barking. It is what makes them dogs. However, barking can be reduced and controlled, specifically barking associated with impulsive behaviors and aggression. From Yorkshire Terrier Training.com
Honetsly, I don't mind my dog barking too much. She is a dog, and I believe barking makes her a dog - I am only stressed when she barks at small children, who seem to be scared by it and looking at her with anxiety. As my dog is small and I am quite a busy person I often take her with myself when I have some errands to do. For example, picking up a package from a nearby Post Office (I prefer shopping things online). When I was waiting with Pippi in a queue and holding her in my hands, she suddenly become nervous seeing a small 3-year old girl in a pink jacket. She started barking and the girl seemed upset by it and scared. Apart from such situations, I don't care too much about my dog barking. In my next post I will write about solutions to dog barking :-) We can distinguish between the following types of barking:
  • Yorkie Frustration Barking
  • Yorkie Territorial Barking
  • Yorkie Attention Seeking Barking
  • Yorkie Greeting Barking
  • Yorkie Alarm Barking
  • Yorkie Injury or Illness Related Barking
  • Yorkie Compulsive Barking
For each type of barking there is a specific way in which an owner should approach a "barking problem" -of course if it is considered to be a problem. In anticipation for my next post watch those hilarious videos below: