toys - why do dogs need them and Pippi's new toys

As I promised yesterday, I am writing a new post about toys for dogs. Dogs need toys at each stage of their development. There is a wide range of toys available in shops (even though we can also make DYI toys). Why do dogs need toys? Which toys are the best for our furry four-legged friends? Are they only for fun or can they also be incorporated to their training to make it more effective?? I will try to answer those questions and provide you with links to some useful articles. It is very obvious that human children need toys, children not only have fun when playing with them, but they also learn by responding to different stimuli - such as colours, shapes and noises/ melodies. As we - human beings - get older, we still do have "toys" to keep us occupied and entertained after work or school and during our weekends. Our "toys" can be iPhones, netbooks, xbox games, or go-karts :-) If we have elements of fun in our daily life, it is really self-understood that dogs, which also are social beings need them as well. Our dogs also need some form of entertainment, and apart from having fun, we can also use toys as rewards for our dog instead of food treats. However, this has to be special toy then ;-) worth-trying for and performing tricks in order to obtain it! Toys really improve our dog's (and ours) overall lifestyle.
Another reason as to why dogs need toys so much is because it can have certain health benefits. For example, if a dog has a toy in which you can throw and for it to fetch, you are enabling the dog to get some exercise, this is very good for a dog and it can also introduce a lot of play into the dog’s life. Toys can bring fun and happiness into a dog’s life and when you apply them properly you can even give a dog something to exercise over.
Toys can also have other health benefits when it comes to the dogs well being. If a dog had a squishy toy in which it could chew on it would help keep the dogs teeth healthy, of course it is not a cleaning agent and gets rid of any dirt in the dog’s mouth, but by chewing a toy repeatedly it can really benefit the dog’s health.
Dogs need play time for fun, for health (exercise and movement while running, chewing is beneficial for teeth), for psychological well-being and for training purposes. A toy for our dog should be:
  • Made of safe material
  • Size - large enough that your dog can't "swallow"
  • Without small parts, buttons, strings - that can be swallowed (similar to children's toys)
  • Easy to wash
  • Durable
  • Show no signs of deterioration
Please, be careful when choosing the toy for your pet in order to avoid visit at the vet! I post photos of Pippi's new toys. She really loves squeak toys and she is thrilled and excited when playing with them. The second toy she also finds great, the toy jumps up and down when thrown and she uses her paw to have even more fun:-) When visiting amazon website I saw many great toys. I like a lot furry and squaky toys in one To learn more plase have a look at the following websites: