Today we take care of the coat

Today I had to take care a bit of my Yorkie's coat. She looked a bit messy indeed and I used some coconut oil before washing her, I simply applied it to her hair and kept it on her coat a couple of minutes - as a hair mask. Later I used Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of tear stains. About how to use Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide A safe way to clean the tear stains from your dog's face is to use hydrogen peroxide. Gently clean the stained area with a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Be very careful not to get the hydrogen peroxide in your Yorkie's eyes. For smaller stains, try using a cotton swab instead of a cotton ball. Once the stain is removed, wipe away any excess hydrogen peroxide with a wet cotton ball or wash cloth.
I still use Chamomile, yet I thought I will use something stronger to lighten the area around her eyes. As for, coconut oil I think it is really useful. Here I post a link to a discussion about Coconut oil on Yorkie Talk: Question about coconut oil Below some photos. I am curious why she always looks so unhappy when she is wet? Well, I think it is a topic for a next post ;-)