Huge meadow in the city centre - an ideal place for my dog

Today it's been another busy day. I've bought some snacks for Pippi and a plastic-net muzzle. She loves snacks very much so she started to wiggle her tail as soon as she saw her treats. As for the muzzle she was more surprised, rather than stressed cause of it; however, I am not intending to use it. It is "jus in case" if somebody asks for it on public transport. Some photos of this muzzle will be posted as soon as I take pics, now it is unfortunately dark and in the morning it is also dark. What a depressive geographical zone I live in (that is why I like to travel) I am waiting for the weekend to take my dog to a good place. I think that many cities have such places, where you have large areas of green territory. In NY, USA it is Central Park In my city it is Błonia Well, I know that it is not really comparable to the Central Park, but still it is a vast green area where you can go to have some rest. Błonia is
a vast meadow with an area of 48 hectares directly adjacent to the historic centre of the city of Kraków, Poland
Blonia is a recreation area, frequently hosting large events like concerts and exhibitions. The place is best known for great Masses celebrated by the Pope John Paul II in 1979, 1983, 1987, 1997 and 2002. The Pope Benedict XVI also served the Mass there during his journey to Poland in May 2006. Furthermore, Błonia Park was the location of pop star Celine Dion's concert "Taking Chances" in June 2008
And when there are no masses held, and no concerts are organized it is a perfect place for dogs to run and have fun;-)
Krakowskie Błonia evrthng in its right place Błonia