Bows for Yorkies

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My Yorkie does not have a bow yet! Dogs with bows look really cute and elegant ;-) and I really want to buy a bow (...or a couple of them) for my dog. I have found some online shops with bows for Yorkies - to my surprise there are such e-stores devoted entirely to dog bows!

Click here to see: Picture gallery of adult and yorkie puppies wearing a variety of the cutest dog hair bows on the Internet In case you like DIY stuff below I post a useful video. Hmmm what do you think about hand-made dog bows? Or do you prefer simply to go shopping? I have a ribbon so maybe I will create a bow for Pippi :-)

The Yorkshire Terrier of show class Dog with pink bow LAÇO BORBOLETA REF 136 / CODE 136 - BUTTERFLY BOW LAÇO YORK PEQUENO REF 20 CAIXA ROSA /               CODE 20 - LITLLE YORK BOW /  ROSES LAÇO YORK GRANDE REF 14 /  ROSA / CODE 14 BIG YORK BOW / ROSES