Saturday, 12 October 2013

A lot has been going on recently....

Hi, I have had really busy time recently. This is due to the fact that I travel a lot and that I have a full-time job, and apart from it I have started postgraduate studies! Still, I want to be a good owner of a dog and take care of Pippi in a good manner, devoting time to training her and to playing with her. I always wait for weekends to come and I always try to spend as much time with her as possible. I also consider this type of movement (walking her out) to be haelthy, in one of the previous posts I wrote about many benefits of daily walks. I really do wish I had more time for my dog things Before I got a dog, I used to enjoy parties with friends in the evening, now I have discovered that I appreciate also the quality time spent with my dog. Ooops... hah sorry, I mean I still do like spending time with my friends, but spending time in an active way with my four-legged friend makes my life definitely more attractive! Tomorrow, fortunately it is Sunday! Yay So, I will be able to attend an event, namely: a dog fashion show, it will start at 3 p.m. in the city centre, and I will take some photos of it! I would also like to show you tomorrow the pics of Pippi's new toys .... from Denmark.I plan to visit this country next month, and of course I will look for things connected to dogs, mainly Yorkshire Terriers As you can see, I have quite many plans for near future. I don't hide the fact that I would like to somehow develop my activity... helping animals in need, gathering things for dogs' shelter, hosting some events and reviewing products for dogs, maybe writing dome articles. I have no idea if I will be able to accomplish it, but even if not, I am happy cause by writing this blog I learn many, many new things! and if people do read my posts actually, it is also in some way useful for them! Below I post some Pippi's photos Sorry, if she looks a bit messy, tomorrow we will have a beauty day, yes, after whole week I also need to take some care of my own hair hah As you can see, we have autumn here, and this is also the reason why dogs fashion show will take place tomorrow.

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