My dog in a sweater - a black polo neck

Hi, my dog was sick on Tuesday and on Wednesday last week. Pippi had problems with her stomach, I was very worried and we visited a vet - my dog got 4 injections (!) on Tuesday morning and also on the following day. She probably ate something wrong. I am not sure what could it be, but the doctor told to remove all small objects from my home or put them out of reach. Small things can be swallowed by a dog. Last week it was also a bit cold and I went to a pet store to buy a sweater. When it comes to fashion and dogs I like the classic style ;-) That is why she has something elegant and something, wich is comfortable and suitable for all occasions. Anyway, I know that clothes for dogs can be also very funny. Take a look here! a Dog Fashion Show hah:-D If you are creative and you like DIY watch this video: How to make a DIY dog clothes: and finally my dog in a new sweater :-D: