Knitting a dog sweater

Realizing that days and nights are getting colder and colder, I've bought a sweater for my dog. It is a nice sweater, black and white, quite a simple thing. I know a bit how to knit, so I've thought that I can knit a sweater on my own:-) Knitting is not really difficult and if you already know some simple patterns, it will take you about two eveinings to complete a new stylish Yorkie sweater :-) I've found many useful tips online and I will buy tomorrow knitting needles and some wool - I cannot find my old knitting kit. I do not like too many colours or mixed patterns - I prefer simple things. My dog has got grey coat so she looks good in blue colour. Maybe I will mix blue and white :-) When I will be ready I will post photos of my DIY dog sweater. Here I post a list of websites with patterns and tips on kniiting dog sweaters: Talking Tails Red Heart United Hope 4 Animals Creative Bug a dog with a sweater Knit Rainbow Close-up of knitting