Friday, 20 September 2013

Italy - definitely a dog friendly country! " La spiaggia per cani"

Hi, I am back. I missed a lot posting on my blog during my holiday and for the next holiday I would like to take my netbook to my hand luggage. Italy is a dog-friendly country! If you are in Italy with your dog, why don't you visit La spiaggia per cani - dog beach?
on my way to Livorno
You can get more information on Check this website out! Here you can find photos and videos! click here to see them "Questo è il sito della DOG BEACH di San Vincenzo, una spiaggia per cani attrezzata totalmente dedicata ai nostri amici a 4 zampe ed ai loro padroni. 200 mt di spiaggia dove poter passare una giornata giocando con il vostro “fido”, rilassarsi sui nostri lettini oppure partecipare ad uno dei tanti eventi (sempre legati al mondo degli animali domestici) in programma per quest’estate. L’ingresso è completamente gratuito ed all’interno troverete tutto quello che serve a voi ed al vostro “amico peloso”. La DOG BEACH rimane aperta per tutta la stagione, ogni giorno durante l’orario di balneazione. Vieni a trovarci e non te ne pentirai!!!! Dog Beach San spiaggia DEI cani" I hope that my translation is ok, if not, please correct me:-) "This is the site of the DOG BEACH in San Vincenzo, a dog beach equipped totally dedicated to our 4-legged friends and their owners. 200 meters of beach where you can spend a day playing with your "trusted/loyal friend", relax on our sun loungers or participate in one of the many events (associated with the world of pets) scheduled for this summer. Admission is completely free and inside you'll find everything you need for you and your "furry friend". The DOG BEACH remains open throughout the season, every day during the bathing time. Come and visit us and you will not regret!! Dog Beach San Vincenzo .... Of the beach dogs" Sounds nice, right? I really do recommend staying in San Vincenzo!
San Vincenzo is a comune (municipality) in the province of Livorno in the Italian region Tuscany, located about 100 km southwest of Florence and about 50 km southeast of Livorno.
Dog-friendly campsites in San Vincenzo What do you think about such beaches for dogs? Are there also such beaches in the places where you are from??

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