How to brush a Yorkie's teeth :-D

I brush my teeth regularly :-), I visit my dentist regularly as well. But I have never thought that I should also brush my dog's teeth. I think it is a bit funny! I thought that chew toys or bones are sufficient to get rid of food remnants stuck between teeth.
Dogs need dental care, although many dog owners do not realize it. Although dogs don't normally get cavities because their diet is mostly sugar-free, small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers are in danger of developing gum irritation and periodontitis.ehow
I do not want my dog to develop this! Ok, so what I have learned is that it is possible to buy a dog toothpaste. For sure, taste of my own toothpaste is not appropriate for a Yorkie. When you will get a dog toothpaste you should not use too much of it, just a pea-sized amount, later brush the teeth of your dog using small, gentle circular motions. Later rinse the mouth/ muzzle of your dog with some water. Do you wash your dog's teeth? Is it for you a normal daily-routine or do you think it is hilarious? Here you can read an article about Yorkie Teeth Care