Hi, today I would like to write about housebreaking. Yorkshire terriers are quite challenging when it comes to house training. I still have some problems with her peeing in house and she is 8 months old! Unfortunately, notorious housebreaking difficulties are typical of this small breed. It is partly because of the small size of their bladders, partly due to their character features. Terriers are known for being stubborn - I must admit - Pippi is very stubborn. An important thing to bear in mind is to create a fixed routine - feeding routine and walking routine. Do everything regularly. You have to be consistent and stick to your routine once you have created it. Follow your routine everyday (also at the weekends). Your dog will know what do you expect from it if you are consequent. Feeding schedule is also recommendable. Feed your Yorkie regularly. When it comes to going out:
Obviously, your yorkie will need to go outside as soon as she wakes up. Obviously, you should take your dog out before bedtime. Between waking up and bedtime, take your yorkshire terrier out at least every 2 hours. As your yorkie begins to catch on, the time may be increased a bit, but use your own judgement.
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