Chamomile - Home Remedy for Dog Tear Stains

My dog has got some dark brown tear stains under her eyes, instead of buying an expensive liquid tear stain remover, which also contains some chemical additives, I've decided to go natural with chamomile,and use this herb externally as a wash, according to
chamomile: has anti-inflammatory properties and can help combat the bacteria and fungi that may grow in tear stains
it also lightens the dark areas. I have started using it today, and I will continue to use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. I will post photos and write on my blog if chamomile was indeed helpful. What herbalists say about Chamomile?
Herbalists prefer the bitter German chamomile (matricaria recutita) to the sweeter Roman variety. they use chamomile both as a fresh tea and as a tincture for oral consumption and in creams for topical use It is an excellent gentle sedative safe for use with children while externally it will speed wound healing, reduce swelling and reduce irritation. Traditional Chinese herbalists see Chamomile as having a neutral energy that calms the spirit.
How to Harvest and Dry a Small Batch of German Chamomile
pictured on a Sunday afternoon - dark areas are visible under the eyes
Macro of german chamomile Chamomile Extra sugar