Yorkies and chocolate

I have published some posts on food suitable for dogs. However, there are some foods which dogs should not eat. It seems to me that a Yorkshire Terrier has got more sensitive stomach than other dogs, I speak from my own experience, as my previous dog -mixed with Border Collie seemed to tolerate more kinds of food. Nonetheless, with all kinds of dogs the important thing is to avoid food, which is salty, sweet (high in sugar content), or fatty. I think I do not have to emphasise the importance of keeping your dog fit. Fatty food can lead to dogs' obesity. What is on a dangerous foods for dogs list? Of course chocolate. I love eating chocolate but I never offer my dog even a square of chocolate. „Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, both stimulants, that can affect your Dog very seriously.  It can cause problems with the nervous system and the heart.  White chocolate contains the least toxic elements and Cocoa beans the most toxic.” As you can see the problems can be really serious. Those stimulants, which are safe for humans are perilous when a piece of chocolate is consumed by a dog. „The Theobromine can build up until it reaches toxic levels in your Dog and can result in death.  Bear in mind that the smaller the Dog, the less it will need to eat before symptoms occur.  Chocolate can be very toxic to Dogs so avoid  it as much as possible.” Well, now I understand – maybe it is not only about a delicate stomach, but also about the size of a dog. Yorkies are small, and therefore more affected by dangerous ingredients in chocolate. More you can read on the Three Dog Blog Chocolate given to a dog can cause throwing up, diarrhea and be also toxic to the heart and nervous systems. I don't even let my dog lick the chocolate icing, after reading all the above given information. Yorkie owners should be especially more careful !
Moonstruck chocolatesthis is dangerous to your dog