Why do we need to teach tricks at all?

Some time ago I asked myself the above question and I managed to find an answer in a book "The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book" by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz. Well, to be honest, previously I was convinced that tricks are merely for fun. Later I thought that maybe this can give an owner some kind of sense of achievement as well, a feeling that they could make their dog behave in a certain way because they pot some effort into it! Certainly, this all is true. However, it seems that I didn't take into consideration the major factor - the relationship building - spending time together and just enjoying being together! Creating bond between humans and canines requires also some tricks teaching :-) In this way we can also show our dog what expectations do we have towards him/ her (sorry I hate using "it" when I talk about dogs!) and draw the boundaries (desirable and non-desirable bahvaiours). Did you know that tricks help older dogs maintain their vitality and increase their lifespan?? Tricks are also great to help their owners with dogs which tend to be a bit overactive (or even hyperactive like mine!) and unruly... There are many, many short videos on youtube, where we can watch dogs performing the tricks. Watch for example this cutie... :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U910CBXLRs I will watch some of the videos also to get inspired a bit:-) here is the website which is also useful: http://www.yorkshireterrier-training.com My dog does not know any commands or tricks yet. She intuitively performs some actions. Often she behaves in a really smart way.... My intention is to teach her tricks and report back on her progress on this blog. Please, keep yoor fingers crossed ;-)