What to do with a Yorkie running away? - Clicker Training Method

On the Internet there are many questions about what to do with a running Yorkie, I googled this cause Pippi also runs away from me... I started to look for a reason and possible solutions to this problem ;-) Typical questions/problems of Yorkies' owners are: "How do I train a yorkie to stop running away?" "How can I get my Yorkie to listen to me!! " "My yorkie puppy is the devil!" "I need some help with my run away Yorkie " "Why won't my puppy come when I call him, and he acts scared of me" all of those are real problems that can be found as first Google results :-) ... guess what? Pippi does the same. Without much reading I knew that she runs away cause she knows that something unpleasant will happen... usually "this unpleasant thing" means we will finish our walk or I am afraid of a bigger dog doing her harm and she wants to play and have fun :-))) The main thing here is that we need to make our dog trained to think that something pleasant will happen. We have to teach our dog to react to the command "come back to me". How to do this?? The best method is to do clicker training combined with a reward. I have already ordered a clicker :-) clickers are available online.
Have a look at a blog about clicker training click here The clicker I have ordered should come soon and I will describe you the process of training. In the picture Pippi on a leash