Top knot and bangs

Fringe of Yorkies demands special care. When my Yorkie was a little puppy, she had short dark brown hair. Later her coat has changed to silver grey. I had some problems with her bangs falling down to her eyes in this "transition" period. The hair above her eyes was too short to use hairslide and fringe was covering eyes of my puppy. I must admit, this looked a bit hilarious! I had no other option but to wait for her hair to grow longer. It has taken some time, but now I am able to do a top knot and I am happy about it :-D Here is a short video on how to make a top knot: Click here to watch a nice video I still wait for her hair to grow longer to make her look similar to a dog presented in this picture! The Yorkshire Terrier of show classmy dream is to have a dog with silky and well-groomed hair but it requires daily beauty regime As we can read on E-How
If you own a Yorkshire terrier, you must learn, in particular, how to take care of the hair around the dog's eyes. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but for your Yorkie's health as well. Stray hairs may get into its eyes, causing potential irritation or even infection.
I agree, this is not only to keep our dog looking good, by caring about its hair we avoid troublesome eye irritation:-)


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