Tips for growing a long coat

Taking care of the Yorkie's coat puts big demands on the owner... Keeping your Yorkie in a fulllength coat requires special care on a daily basis, so it is often for Dog Show set only. Pet owners, who do not participate in Dog Show usually keep the Yorkie’s coat trimmed to a easily-manageable length - that is a comfortable sporty hairstyle :-) If yor Yorkies hair are long than tie it up to enable your dog playing, running and having fun. Get your dog used to a daily brushing regimen. If your dog is eating wet food, eg canned food, or home-made wet food, you will need to wash the dog’s face after every meal.... Feeding your Yorkie with dry food will for sure save you much work, but I prefer my dog to have a healthy varied diet. You can also use some apple cider vinegar. look at the "Step 5" advice
Apple cider vinegar - Apply some apple cider vinegar to your terrier's coat after bathing to remove soap residues and improve hair condition. The natural acidity of vinegar and live enzymes is said to kill bacteria that cause flaking skin conditions that can clog hair follicles. Massage a generous amount into your dog’s coat after shampooing, rinse it out and let the hair air-dry.
my Yorkie's coat is short
Trying the whole apple cider vinegar thing. Wonder what, if anything, it will do.Apple Cider Vinegar - source Creative Commons Flickr
my dog with a short coat