My new metal comb :-)

My Yorkie's hairdresser has told me recently that for the hair around her muzzle I will need a metal comb, as the pin brush that I have (I posted some photos of it on my blog) is not suitable for her muzzle. Here is some advice on how to use a metal comb, source click here to find out more
The best comb to use on a Yorkshire terrier is a sturdy metal comb that has long teeth. This comb should be used to help work out any of the tangles or mats in the dog’s coat. Use your fingers and the comb to pull apart the matted hair without ripping your dog’s hair. Apply a dog detangle product or conditioner to these matted areas to help get the mats and tangles out without damaging the hair. If you can not take the mat out you will have to cut it out or cut out part of the knot to make it easier to take out the rest of the knot out. After brushing your Yorkie you should always comb your dog.
Grooming the muzzle must always be done carefully and gently in order not to pull the dog's hair or not to cause pain. Use some treats/snacks during daily grooming to encourage cooperation ;-p Below photos of my new metal comb :-) Such combs are available online or in most pet shops/stores. I am faithful to one brand, but maybe now I will not mention its name. Whatever the brand pay attention to the appearance of accessories, they should look durable and speaking from my experience, it is not good to choose the cheapest one.