It's time for a turkey :-)

Yesterday I went to a nearby shop to buy something for my dinner. I bought turkey breast which is also suitable for dogs (and also for Yorkshire Terriers breed). Today in the morning I prepared also couscous to mix it with turkey breast (of course turkey breast should be cut into small pieces) and I added some sweet yellow paprika. Preparing couscous is very easy, you just need to boil some water and wait 5 minutes for it to be ready. You can preapre more couscous also for yourself. I had to be really quick, cause Pippi was very hungry and she couldn't wait to get the meal ready. On the internet there are many recipes for dogs, for example Couscous with Tomato and Pine Nuts for Dogs Recipe and Couscous with Chicken and Vegetables for Dogs I think cooking for your dog is fun and also if you buy the same ingredients for your own meal, why not to cook also for a dog? Your dog will appreciate it. Below some photos; however I was not able to take a snapshot of the final result cause I needed to feed my dog, I took a photo of only what was left:-) sorry... :-) Do you also cook for your dogs or rely on on canned dog food and dry dog food? Do you think meals prepared for Yorkshire Terriers should be specially chosen cause their stomach is sensitive and we need "gentle" ingredients?