It is still hot in my city - drinking bottle really comes in handy

Hi, today I would like to tell you that it is still very hot and when I take my Yorkie for a long walk I always take some water with me. Previously I was using a normal palstic bottle (after buying bottled mineral water) but now I use something more convenient. However, my opinion is that, it doesn't matter what do you use as long as you remember that your dog may be thristy during a walk. This bottle which I have is easy to handle and looks durable, so I think I will be happy with it ;-) Do you think Yorkshire Terriers need to drink more often because they are small? I will quote Dog Channel:
Water Just as your dog needs proper nutrition from his food, water is an essential “nutrient” as well. Water keeps the dog’s body properly hydrated and promotes normal function of the body’s systems. During housebreaking, it is necessary to keep an eye on how much water your Yorkshire Terrier is drinking, but once he is reliably trained he should have access to clean fresh water at all times. Make sure that the dog’s water bowl is clean, and change the water often.
Please do remember about this:-)