How to trim your Yorkies ears ...

I have never tried to trim my Yorkies ears alone, she is 7 months old, so we have visited dogs' hairdresser twice only. We all know that Yorkies ears need special care. Here is a youtube tutorial how to do this. Do you trim your Yorkies ears alone? I know that it is also necessary to pluck hair from ears to prevent infections. So far I have never done this. I will buy special tweezers to do this, even though a hairdresser has told me that I can do this alone. I am a bit afraid, I don't want to hurt my dog. Below I post photos of her before grooming and after. Before grooming is the last photo, where she is on a leash. You can see how hairy her ears had been before we visited a hairdresser. An owner of a Yorkie needs to pay close attention to the dog's ears. Because of the Yorkie's long hair and also the constant growth of hair inside the ear, Yorkies are prone to get ear infections and ear mites.... We should check Yorkies' ears at least once a week.


  1. yorkies are so cute. and what a great size--you can pick them up if they misbehave. unlike rosie....

  2. yes, it is true, while all dogs should be properly trained, I must admit it is easier to cope with a small dog, rather than with a big one ;-) I had a bigger dog previously he was mixed with Border Collie, a shepherd dog breed, he was a great companion, but stronger physically and bigger :-)


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