How to take a photo of your dog?

I love to take photos, I snap photos everyday and of course my dog has been the main subject of my photographs. I am not satisfied with all Pippi's pics. Some of them are blurry. She is a very energetic and fast dog, and she changes her position all the time. When I think it is just the right moment to press the shutter she moves suddenly and the photo becomes blurry. To take a really good photo of your dog you will need a digital camera (I use Olympus E420) and I simply change the lenses, choosing from five, which I have. This is a blog about dogs, not about photography so I would like to present some useful tips for taking a photo, even if you don't have a good or professional camera. Tips from my own experience include: 1)choose the right/nice background for your photo I like when the background colour contrats with the fur of my dog She has light grey fur and it looks nice with blue colour in the background. Dogs always look good surrounded by nature, but you can also take a photo where some nice furniture creates the background 2) be prepared to reward your dog with some treats 3) use some nice toys and colourful pieces of material 4) ask for help – one person, your assisstant :-), can gently hold a dog, or hold a treat lifted above dog's head – this is the right moment to capture. Dogs, especially Yorkies need some help to concentarte ;-) 5) don't let your photoshoots last for too long, 10 minutes is enough, you don't want to get yor dog tired, right? Dogs' concentration span is short. 6) Don't use flash! Wait for the natutral light. Dogs hate flashes and apart from that, it makes all the colours look unrealistic 7) be prepared to take many photos, sometimes the best photos are taken „by accident” 8) take your camera or be prepared to use iphone/smartphone during a walk 9) capture the moments when your dog is relaxed, for example during the play with other dogs 10) edit your photos! at the end you can play a bit and edit your photo with using various filtres or maybe you would like to familiarize yourself with Photoshop? 11) Share your photos with others on Yorkshire Terrier forums or other social network websites For more tips, click here
below an example of a bit blurry photo