How to take care of your Yorkie's eyes

When I got my Yorkie in March this year, I was told that this dog requires special care Among many things which I have to do is special eye care. Yorkies have got eye-discharge (sometimes called „sleepers'), which has to be removed on a daily basis in order to avoid eye inflammation/ infection. To remove the discharge I use normal ccotton pads, which can be bought in any supermarket. I use some clean tap-water, but if you are not sure if your running water is pure enough, simply use some cooled-off boiled water. I am always careful to soak a cotton pad with some cool water (not too hot and not too cold), as the area around the eyes is always sensitive. When Pippi was a puppy she was running away from me each time I tried this daily eye-care routine, but now she has got used to this. I gently hold her head and remove the discharge moving the soaked pad in a downward direction in the internal corners of her eyes. I hope this is clear :-) It is also possible to order online special eye wipes for dogs „gentle pre-moistened cleaning wipes with soothing formula” Well, I have never tried. Maybe I will try and then report on it. An interesting article about Yorkshire Terriers and eye-discharge: Sometimes it can happen that tears cause some stains and here it is explained how to remove them: