How to cope with your dog begging for food

I think that all dogs at some stage of their life beg for food. This is one of the most frequent problems with dogs' manners, which dog owner has to face, My dog begs for food no matter what I eat and her bowl is always full. She likes to stare at me when I eat and observe each my move when I am in the kitchen. This can be frustrating cause I like to eat calmly. I've managed to find some useful tips on how to cope with this problem. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out of this situation, you have to be patient and to consequently ignore your begging dog by not giving him food and not paying attention. Don't feel sorry for your dog. - here is a useful website with an article about this problem. Personally, I agree with everything stated in this article; nonetheless, I think it is difficult to be self-disciplined in this case, but I'm convinced that with time dog will understand thay she will not obtain what she wants by begging behaviour and also this bad behaviour will not be reinforced.