How to brush a Yorkie?

Hey, have you ever experienced trouble when brushing a Yorkie?? Well, I had some problems, which I thankfully managed to resolve. Brushing &combing hair of my dog has become much easier than it used to be before. The important thing is to have your Yorkie get used to brushing. You should not be surprised that your Yorkie is jumpng like crazy and disobeying if you brush it once a week. It is vital to brush a Yorkie everyday, each day. But don't worry, if you will do this everyday then hair of your dog will not be tangled and brushing will go smoothly. Remember that if you brush your dog not often enough tangled hair causes pain.
Accustom the young Yorkie to a daily brushing regimen immediately. There is nothing amusing about wrestling with a Yorkie every morning simply to brush his coat.
Yorkies, as you know, do not have fur but hair... they grow similarly to our hair and therefore they need to be combed. If your dog is not cooperative ;-) then try to give it some treats which will motivate your four- legged friend to stay calm. I have ordered a new double-sided brush and mink conditioner in spray - I will write a review and post photos of it soon. Here is a nice video about how to brush a York: click here In fact, you will find many good videos on youtube. Here is an article with some useful tips on brushing a Yorkie: click here Below some photos: