Dog in your bed and the "down" command :-)

Hi, I was not present for 4 days and I didn't share new posts on my blog because I was on holiday. Pippi was with my family, while I was enjoying my days-off work. Thank you for so many views I have had till now (1077). I have many ideas and many photos of my dog, which I would like to share. Today I would like to write about a very common problem – a dog in a bed :-) who has not faced this situation? I think that most of our four-legged friends enjoy to lie under our comforter/ duvet. Mine, definitely, loves it! Yes.... but it is not really a place for a dog. Is it? If you are ok with it, it is just fine, but you have to be aware of that if you approve of your dog sleeping in your bed later it will be very hard to tell your companion that you don't want it. Naturally, the dog will learn that this is its right place to sleep. I have made a small mistake and I allowed her to sleep in my bed when she was a small puppy. Now she doesn't understand that she has got her own bed for dogs:-) I will post a photo of it in the morning because now it is a bit dark to capture. I want to teach her that she has got her own bed, but at the same time I don't want to make her feel rejected. Well, as she was a little puppy she was whining and I thought that this is a good idea to hug her a bit and allow her in my bed. However, now she thinks this is HER place. I have decided to make some research on the subject. „Never as a Puppy If you're dealing with a canine stuck in the crazy stage known as puppyhood, his butt needs to remain in a crate next to your bed. Youngsters need structure and a list of house rules they must respect. After they earn your trust, you can begin relaxing those rules, but for the first few months, you've got to lay down the law. Beyond that reason, puppies also have accidents occasionally, even those that are housetrained but still in that stage where they can't hold their bladder for long periods of time. Also, at around 3 or 4 months of age, his adult teeth start moving in, which turns him into a biting and chewing fiend. Toys and playtime can discourage destructive biting, but it's better to play it safe and keep that gnawing mouth of his off your bed.” click here to read more So, as I have written above... remember about this rule, especially, during Housebreaking/ House-training. If your furry friend is an adolescent or an adult dog you can offer it a bed but you have to teach it a „down” command. This seem clear, isn't it? Now, as I have disobeyed the above-mentioned rule, I have a difficult task to do – to correct my dog's behaviour. The first step will be to teach her this „down” command. It seems a very hard thing to do. My clicker has finally arrived and I have all the necessary treats she enjoys so much. How to teach this command?? Simply call your puppy onto the bed. Grab some favourite treats and hold one of them in your hand say "Down," and doing this walk away from your bed. When your dog will jump down give it a treat and pay much attention to this good behaviour – in this way you will reinforce the desired effect. Repeat this several times. Divide your training sessions into 5 minutes blocks, repeat them regularly and gradually try to withdraw treats, when you will observe that your dog knows what you expect from it. The two articles, which I find interesting on the subject are: 1) 2)
my dog loves to lie in my bed
pictured here as a small puppy
I tried to teach Pippi to sleep in her own bed but later I gave up :-)