Saturday walk :-)

I hoped for a good and sunny weather, but it is a bit cloudy and cold today. It doesn't matter if the weather is good or bad, it is important to walk your dog regularly! In this way you can, for example, prevent obesity:-) and maintain a slim figure! Why walking your dog is great exercise?
Is dog walking really effective exercise? Many people are become interested in exercise to help lose excess weight. Obesity is a global epidemic, affecting about one in every three to four adults in the United States and Europe. Dog ownership and obesity were evaluated in Seattle, Wash., and Baltimore, Md., in a study published in the journal Preventive Medicine in September 2008. Dog owners who reported walking their dogs were almost 25 percent less likely to be obese than people without dogs. Researchers in the April 2008 issue of Health Promotion Journal of Australia reported that having a dog in the house reduced the risk of childhood obesity by half!


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