Rubber bands for dogs

I had some probblems with finding the right type of hair elastics for my dog. I had tried to use my own classic hair elastics:-) However, they were always sliding down/ falling off. So I went to a shop with hair accessories and I bought smaller hair elastics. Still, they were falling off. I had also an impression that Pippi lost some hair from her top knot in the process, hair elastics were pulling out her hair creating a bold spot ! My dog is the first Yorkie that I have ever had and I did not know that there are special rubber bands designed for dogs available in pet stores or online. Last week, when buying a sweater, I bought also simple, small rubber bands. They do not slide down, even if she runs very fast and shakes her head, the are just perfect for my dog! Finally! Maybe in some time I will get her a ribbon/bow, cause I have seen on the internet many cute photos of Yorkies with ribbons:-)
a perfect solution
Colorful Hair Bands May 21, 20101such hair elastics turned out to be not appropriate for my dog