My first small success with training Pippi

I have my first small success as a dog trainer. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that when my dog is off leash doesn't want to come back when I call her and when I try to catch her she is running away. I went with her for a walk early in the morning and chose the area with no distractions. I called her and when she came to me I gave her much positive attention to reinforce her good behaviour, I gave her also a treat but I didn't stop to stroke her and talk to her, and in this way I was able to put a leash on my dog :-))) now, I am convinced that with enough positive reinforcement I can achieve really good results. I have also started to teach her the "sit" command. I use treats and the more time I repeat the command with her, the better her performance is. Now I see that my dog can have better manners. check out also this link