Ingenious bowl - water fountain

It is very hot in summer and when we leave a dog for a couple of hours alone it is vital to give it sufficient amount of water. I went to a pet store again today and found, what I have thought, a perfect solution! This is a bowl designed to hold larger amount of water because it consists of two parts. One part after being filled with water should be attached upside-down to the second part of this "set". In this way water leaks slowely to the second part as it is drunk by an animal. I think it ts really nice to have a bowl like this. Now I know my dog has enough water when I am gone. And what about paw-activated water fountain for dogs? This may be funny but how useful, don't you think so?? click here to find out what inventors have come up with Watch a Youtube video "Keep your pooch cool with paw operated drinking fountain" Dogs are really smart, they can learn how to operate it very easily. and my latest purchase: