Chew toys for dogs

Why is chewing very important for your dog? *it is necessary for oral health *it is also crucial for mental health of our dog *it keeps your dogs' teeth clean *it keeps your dog busy – by giving your dog a chew toy you will avoid destruction at your home :-) Chew toys are really cheap and easy to buy, available at any pet store/shop. When I have trouble with Pippi's behaviour I simply give her a little chew toy (she is a small dog, so I also buy rather small chew toys). While my dog is occupied with a chew toy I can concentrate on other things, for example read a book. As you all know Yorkshire Terriers are spirited and energetic – they like to have things, which keep them busy. Today when I was buying chew toys (which I post below) I asked about them the shop assistant. He told me that they are made of a layer of skin that comes from cattle. As for colouring, it is also natural (I was afraid that they are artitical food colourants and they are unhealthy). For example, red colour comes from beet-roots. Now I am observing my dog chewing on one of the toys and she looks really busy! Here is a website where you can read about DIY Food Colouring - it is useful to know, cause natural things are healthy - click here And this link click here will lead you to chew toys comparison, a useful thing to have a look at.