An article about Yorkshire Terriers in "Modern Dog Magazine"!

In new Modern Dog Magazine online there is an article about Yorkies!! A really nice and written with a dose of humor article clarifying the origins of this breed!
The frequently well-dressed, jewel-collared petit chiens we see in the totes of fashionistas weren't always companions of choice for the dog-discerning, however. In the beginning, the Yorkie was a working dog.
- people should remeber that this is visible in a character features of those energetic animals.
The famous Yorkie terrier attitude often presents itself in stubbornness and anti-social tendencies toward other animals. In a word, these dogs appear to think they're just "too cool. - I do not know if I can entirely agree with this point here,stubborn yes... but antisocial?? for real?? maybe I have to ask others cause I did not observe Yorkies being antisocial... what do you think??
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